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Non-fiction book collaboration:

The Confident Coach

The Confident Coach

Author: Melinda Cohan

My role: Writing collaborator

This book walks coaches through the different phases they will experience in their business, including getting started, optimising conversions, leveraging resources, and scaling. It explains how to implement systems that enable success for the coach and their clients.

In the Acknowledgments, Melinda writes: “Sophie Lizard, my writing collaborator. To say I couldn’t have done this without you is a massive understatement. Thank you for helping me make sense of all my brain dumps and finding my voice. I knew I had all the pieces, and you helped me put them together!”

The World Works Better

The World Works Better

Author: Danny Iny

My role: Content editor

The World Works Better is an illustrated book for children and adults, creating a starting point for conversation and action to make the world around us a better place one piece at a time.

The Stonehenge Enigma

The Stonehenge Enigma

Author: Robert John Langdon

My role: Copy editor (first edition)

Now in its third edition, Prehistoric Britain: The Stonehenge Enigma examines the anthropology, archaeology and landscape of Mesolithic Britain and explores the engineering skills required to build Stonehenge, hypothesising earlier construction dates based on carbon dating and water levels.

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