This Is Me.

Sophie Lizard photoI’m Sophie Lizard. I help people get things done with words.

You’re busy and you need results. I get that.

When you need effective copy and content, I create it.

When you’ve got a pile of unorganised ideas, I sift and shape them into valuable books, training products and other assets.

You never have to hold my hand. Just tell me what you want to achieve, and I deliver.

If you become one of my favourite clients, you’ll discover that I:

  1. Drink a lot of hot chocolate
  2. Curse more in real life than in writing, and
  3. Politely send big brands screenshots of their website typos in my spare time. Everyone needs a hobby.

But all that really matters is the high quality work I deliver.

Look at my service list for some ideas about how I can help you, or check out my CV/resume for more details of my professional experience.

Favourite projects:

  • Email copywriter at Brainstorm Digital
  • Senior copywriter & book editor at Mirasee
  • Copywriter & scriptwriter at The Chi Center
  • Co-author of How to Pitch a Blog Post
  • Instructional writer for iHasco
  • Training content consultant for Imparture
  • Online content editor for Chris Brogan’s Owner magazine

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